Monday, January 10, 2011

Course Update Monday, January 10

Following up on the note from a few days ago.......We were able to spray almost all of the zoysia last week thanks to the calm winds and frozen ground.  The only areas left to spray are the areas immediately surrounding the bentgrass collars/greens.  We are going to try and knock it out today if the temperatures come up and the wind stays calm.  If not today, then it may have to wait until next week as the forecast isn't real pretty.  In any event we are in good position to finish this important task soon. 

We also put a great deal of time into removing the seedling pines behind 9 green.  This not only fulfills our obligation to keep pines out of wetlands, but also cleans up an out of play area and opens up the view to the lake and hole #10.  This is one of several areas that we hope to work on this winter. 

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