Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rough Project

We worked hard from late last week until late afternoon yesterday to finish aerating and spot seeding the rough.  We used a tractor to pull a ground driven aerator throughout the 50+ acres of fescue/bluegrass rough.  We then used another tractor to spread fescue seed in worn areas.  Another tractor followed the seed with a machine called an aer-a-vator.  This last step cultivates the worn areas a little more than the standard aerator and helps get the seed in good contact with the soil.  We'll get some fertilizer down early next week and then cross our fingers that the good weather holds up for a few more weeks.  We will push the worn areas hard over the next month or so in an effort to get them fully covered.  The hard part is the fact that they are worn due to constant traffic which is almost impossible to eliminate.  Foot traffic to and from greens and tees plus cart traffic on and off fairways make it difficult to get full recovery.  With that said please obey all cart traffic rules and bear with us on the ropes and stakes while we await some newly planted seed to germinate. 

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