Friday, August 13, 2010

Seasonal Staff Departures/Arrivals

Every August we experience turnover when the summer help leaves for college.  This generally occurs over a two to three week period and leaves us with a much smaller staff.  We just lost Jeremy Moore, Anthony Evans, Sam Watts, and Phillip Barge in the past two weeks and we will soon be losing Logan Watts and Adam Simmons.   They've all worked very hard to help get us through a tough summer.  In addition to these losses we have others who will cut way back due to school:  Zac Wehrman, Chris Ward, Andrew Basile, and Timmy Kielty will work much fewer hours in order to accomodate class schedules.  All together we will be losing nearly 400 man hours per week.  This will obviously result in some changes to how the course is maintained so please bear with us as we navigate our way through the end of the season with a much smaller staff. 

We will be adding a few new faces on a part time/seasonal basis to help offset some of the turnover. One individual will be added to help during the week and four will be added to help with weekends.  Training these folks will take some time, but will be well worth the effort. 

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