Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Greens Aeration Plan

The golf course will be closed on Monday August 30. The back nine will be closed until late afternoon on Tuesday August 31.

The "fall" aeration is scheduled for August 30 and 31 (Monday and Tuesday). Weather this summer has been hard on bentgrass, but thankfully the greens have made it to this point in really good shape. Due to the intense summer weather we are going to ammend our plan and use slightly smaller tines. Although the greens are in good condition I do not feel that they are durable enough to withstand a more aggressive aeration plan. We will use 3/8" tines instead of 1/2" tines and attempt to fill the holes with sand. Aeration, while critical to the health of the greens, can be detrimental if performed at the wrong time. Tournament planning and event scheduling forces us to select an aeration date a year in advance when we have no idea what weather or conditions will be. We will stick to the calendar plan and modify our technique to suit the conditions at hand. Hopefully we actually experience a true fall between now and the onset of winter. That would be the best thing for greens.

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