Thursday, July 29, 2010


We will be making an application of two herbicides on the front nine Friday morning.  This will require that carts remain on the path on the front nine until 11:00 in order to avoid tracking the chemical into the zoysia.  We are targeting unwanted bermuda and stray bentgrass in the roughs. 

As for the goosegrass explosion along some cart path edges and on some tee boxes:  We saw the earliest goosegrass germination on record this year (mid-late May) and it preceeded our second and final preventive herbicide application on tee boxes.  Plan B was enacted which involved the use of a post emergent herbicide.   This plan has been difficult because it isn't safe in extreme conditions like we've had and goosegrass thrives in these extreme conditions.  That said we are having limited success, but we'll see goosegrass until frost arrives.  I will go after this problem from a different angle next year for sure.  I said that about 8 years ago following a similar issue and have had great success until now.  When budget crunches and bad weather converge bad things can happen.

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