Friday, July 23, 2010

The Forecast Calls for Pain

36 hour forecast:

Jul 23        Clear    76°    

Jul 24        Sunny    103°/76°

We are experiencing another spell of unprecedented heat as you are well aware.  This time, unlike the last heat wave, it is very humid.  Roots have struggled in the high soil temperatures and consequently the turf is much more vulnerable.  We must spend even more time scouting and managing water.  We are apt to visit a green 4 to 5 times in a day just to keep an eye on it and cool it off if need be.   We can help with the moisture content by adding water when things are dry, but we are virtually helpless when it comes to temperature control.  A quick mist from our hose will provide a very brief cooling effect to the turf canopy, but soil temperatures are hard, if not impossible, to modify.  The combination of weakened root systems, high temperatures, and high humidity can be painful at best.  Many diseases thrive in these conditions so in addition to scouting for soil moisture we are also scouting for disease. 

Here is a link to a site I find helpful. 
Relentless heat and humidity

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