Friday, July 9, 2010

Murphy's Law Strikes

Murphy's Law states that "if it's hot and dry, irrigation systems will go haywire."  Our system (pumps, motors, controls, heads, etc.) has been under a great deal of strain these past few weeks so glitches are not all that surprising.  It's just tough to be without water during such a dry time.  We've been able to troubleshoot our issue to a point, but have sufferred system shutdowns two nights in a row.  We've had water during the day, but lost pressure at night when the bulk of irrigation is scheduled to occur.  Help is on the way so hopefully we'll get it figured out and make it through tonight without incident.   


  1. We determined that the incoming power supply was not within the acceptable range for the pump station. At 9 pm each of the past two nights the pumps have shut down due to this issue. The demand for power at that time has been extreme given the heat. Tonight we will try and get by with one pump instead of two and see what happens. That means we will have to start watering well before dark in order to wrap up by sunrise. Cross your fingers for cooler weather and rain.

  2. Thankfully it rained because the power supply was not suitable yet again. Three nights in a row with no irrigation. We'll try and get some help from REC on Monday.