Friday, May 21, 2010

Help has arrived!

The bulk of our summer staff has arrived and not a minute too soon.  We have a great group of guys who, for the most part, have been through several summers with us before. 

Full Time
David Smith, Supt.
Rob Basso, Asst. Supt.
Alan Brissette, Foreman
Patrick Laribee
Jimmy Lee, Irrigation Tech
Shane Snyder
Gene Thompson, Equipment Tech
Ginny Wisor, Landscape

Part Time/Seasonal
Phillip Barge
Andrew Basile
Garrett Bush(Weekend AM)
Pat Chik, Tennis/Pool
Mike Dearing (Saturday AM)
Anthony Evans
Timmy Keilty
Keith Scroggins(Weekend AM)
Tom Magargal
Jeremy Moore
Chris Ward(Weekend AM)
Logan Watts
Sam Watts(Weekend AM)
Zac Wehrman

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