Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zoysia update

Despite the cold winter, we are slightly ahead of schedule in terms of zoysia green up.  As you can tell, things have greened up quite a bit over the past week.  A very warm spell last week in addition to some sunny days has helped to get things going.  Here's what to expect in the zoysia for the next few weeks in order of occurrence:

  1. The green up will continue as long as there are no cold nights.  The taller zoysia around the bunkers and in the intermediate rough will take longer to green up.  There are many areas in the fairways that are infested with unwanted bermuda.  These areas may still be dormant and therefore will appear brown. 
  2. The application of Echelon (a pre-emergent herbicide for crabgrass and kyllinga) will turn the zoysia slightly off color for several days.  We plan on making this application next week. 
  3. The seed heads will come out in full force.  This is part of the life cycle of zoysia and is unavoidable.  The seeds themselves are a dark reddish/purple color and the stalks are off white/beige.  When mowed the seeds are removed, but the stalks often remain....giving the fairways a brown appearance in some places.  The seed phase generally lasts two to three weeks. 
  4. Finally....the fairways should be completely green by mid to late May. 
We generally open the practice tee up in late April.  This year we will open up the tee Saturday, April 24.  It will be important that you be efficient with your divot pattern so that the tee will remain useable throughout the summer.

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  1. One other note about the zoysia seeds: since Meyer zoysia is a hybrid variety the seeds are not viable and cannot be used to establish new areas of zoysia.