Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another First for 2010

We began mowing our 40 acres of zoysia for the first time this year.  With the summer staff still yet to arrive it takes a couple of days to complete.  You will notice some blue dashed lines around the margins of fairways, intermediate rough, and approaches.  This is just to help guide the mowers for the first few cuts of the season.  The sod that was placed on the ground late last fall has started to take root, but with the mowing underway it will appear scalped and somewhat unsightly for a few weeks.  It's impossible to find a sod farm that mows Meyer Zoysia at 1/2" so the only way to get it there is to scalp it.  It will bounce back and blend in soon with good weather.

We will be applying Echelon next week.  This is an herbicide to control summer weeds like crabgrass, kyllinga, and sedges.  This will turn the zoysia off color for a few days, but it will bounce back quickly.  We used this product two years ago with great success.  The slight discoloration we experience for a few days is far easier to take than a summer of weedy fairways. 

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