Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Verticutting Tees

We started the process of verticutting tee boxes today.  This process will take us a couple of days if the weather cooperates.  This is a task that we hope to perform a few more times this spring in an effort to combat some of the thatch that has accumulated over the years.  The verticutting blades are mounted on our tee mower and act much the same way as a de-thatching machine you might use in your lawn.  The finished look isn't all that noticeable, but the gains will come with repetition and time.  Better response to water and fertilizer, less disease and insect pressure, and a cleaner cut are a few of the benefits to proper thatch control.

We hope to aerate tees next week and follow it with a generous amount of sand topdressing.  This is another tool in the fight against unwanted thatch and organic matter build up.  This will be mildly disruptive to play, but won't require any downtime.  It will take us several days to complete as the staff size is still very small.

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