Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Course Status Wednesday, January 13

The forecast looks promising but we still have a lot of ice and snow that needs to melt before playing golf is possible. We will use shovels to help move snow off the last few greens if it can be done without damaging the green.

Depending on the weather there is a good chance the greens will still be thawing for several days following the snow melt. If this occurs the course will remain closed until the frost line gets at least 2 inches from the surface.

Playing on frozen greens will cause damage especially when the surface has thawed out and the underlying soil is still frozen. Footprints will persist for weeks and roots will be severely damaged. This is likely to take place when there is a sudden rush of golfers as soon as the thaw begins.

It is impossible to say with any certainty when the course will be open, but with warmer weather coming it will hopefully be soon. As an opening date/time become clearer we will send updates here and to the golf shop.

Thanks for your patience.

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